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Capstone on Psalm 34:4-5

In our brokenness we humbly, with thanksgiving and praises as we lift our hands and hearts to the great God Almighty, in spirit and truth, which then touches the heart of God and in return we receive guaranteed victory. Such prayers and worship are anointed and inspired by the Holy Spirit. The prize obtained by a discipline and faithful servant that prays daring to “SEEK GOD FIRST,” will brings him/her into a fountain of valuable rewards from our Father which is in heaven. Our heavenly Father’s will, is for us to see His glory because he loves us from the beginning of the world, and that we be in Him as He is in us.

Ask! Knock! Seek and you shall find: the words of my LORD and Savior, as He preached the sermon on the Mount, the “Beatitude.” I visualized myself as one of Christ disciples, significantly, Peter, the fisher man, in this dramatic panorama view of a wide-open space, near the blue sea of Northern Galilee in Israel. Christ is seated on the mountain with all His disciples seated next to Him, and a large crowd that has gathered and is seated below Him on green grass all around Him.

Vividly, deep in my soul I hear the voice of Christ saying: “Ask, and it shall be giving you, seek and ye shall find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you” in Mathew 7:7 (kJV). Christ reiterated those words in Luke11:9 (kJV), simultaneously, He also summarized it in the Lord’s prayer, in Mathew 6:9 (KJV). Then Christ finally pronounced the main key that fulfils all of His promises for our victorious life here in the earth till eternity, in Mathew 6:33 (kJV), which reads: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things shall be added unto you.”

The confidence of the Psalmist David resonates with his LORD and Master spoken words in the “Beatitude,” which enables him to obtain his first major public victory by defeating Goliath, as he swore a Solemn loyalty trust in the name of the God of Israel. “Then said David to the Philistine Thou come to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield: but I come to thee in the name of the LORD of host, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou have defied,” 1 Samuel 17:45 (KJV). The young shepherd boy David invited God in the battle so that the kingship of God’s righteousness was victoriously displayed, through king David’s pure act of worship, exalting and honoring God.

David was anointed as king to preside after king Saul by Samuel the high priest of Israel. David anointing must have sets the course of actions that the tenacity of his prayers and worship, was fervently pour out of his heart into God’s ears. Imagine King David, prayers protruding out of his mouths with groaning, creating an intense emotions, agony or anguish, cries, fears, hopelessness, despairs and deep sorrow that now encompass his whole body, soul and mind elevates his spirit-man to search and access the heart and ears of God. A prayer below In Psalm119:161-166 exemplified David’s situation.

“Princes have persecuted me without cause.
but my heart stand in awe of thy word.
I rejoice at your word, as one finds great spoil.
I hate and abhor lying: but thy love do I love
Seven times a day, do I praise thee
Because of thy righteous judgements.
Great peace have they which love thy law:
and nothing shall offend them.”

Now, in retrospective of the Palmist David’s prayer as the authored of Psalm 34, referencing verses 4 and 5, he reflects on his pitiful fugitive experience as he fled for his life for no cause of his own wrong doings; seemingly, he was afraid, but now he rejoices and is grateful for his deliverance. He worshiped the LORD “first” offering thanks, praises and adoration for all God had done for him, and then he testified by narrating what he had encountered and the results of his prayer and worshiped in Psalms 34:4: he recounted his dilemmas, as quoted, “I sought the LORD, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.”

The Psalmist David commemorates and contemplates on God’s nature and attribute. His compassionate heart and mercy towards all men, is reiterated in the next verse describing his own self and considering that same reward for those who put their trust in God and was not disappointed, just like other biblical stories like the deliverance of “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” and “The Three Hebrew Boys” out of the furnace fire, etc. He considers his poor state of mind and situations at the time, and how God gave him numerous victories. He writes in verse 5 of Psalms 34, “They looked unto Him, and were lightened and their faces was not ashamed.” In appreciation for God’s remunerations towards King David, and the breathtaking deliverance from his enemies, the triumphantly defeat over Goliath and numerous victories killing ten thousand men at war, he becomes stupefied and inspired to see God’s glory displayed and mighty acts on his behalves; it steers him to worship God more and more for the rest of his life. Just imagine David fingers that trained to fight wars now on his strings instruments as he sings: “and my tongue shall speak of Your righteousness and of Your praises all day long” in Psalms 35:28.

Prayer warriors are worshipers that adheres to God’s words and His commandments which is paramount in seeking and putting God first in all situations relying on the prompting of the Holy Spirit for guidance that will heaped up great rewards from God. Certainly, King David’s numerous victories stemmed from his excellent spirit of worshiping, praising and praying to the one and true living God.

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