On February 7th, 2019 Faith Radio will celebrate our 70th anniversary!  It will be a celebration of God’s goodness, grace and faithfulness to Northwestern Media!

But the story actually began in the late 1930’s when a trio of leaders and their wives began to fast and pray that God would open the door to own and operate an AM radio station in Minneapolis. The station would be dedicated to the Lord for the glory of His name and for the proclamation of the gospel! These three leaders, Dr. William Bell Riley, the first President of what is now the University of Northwestern — St. Paul, George Wilson and Loren Bridges,  faced many challenges including the rationing of steel for the war effort.

Though Dr. Riley died in December 1945, their vision they cast continued.  Dr. Billy Graham followed in the footsteps of Dr. Riley, not only leading the fledgling Bible Institute but with his vision for radio. At a Northwestern chapel service in early 1948, Dr. Graham issued a challenge to the student body to give a dollar a week to start a Northwestern radio station.

Students and staff raised $44,000 put AM900 KTIS on the air through that weekly offering. On Monday afternoon, February 7, 1949, one year after the challenge was issued, KTIS signed on the air. President Graham was the first to speak, dedicating the station in prayer:

“This station stands as a monument to answered prayer and the sacrificial giving of the greatest gang of students, faculty and staff in all the world.”

As we at Faith Radio look back at our history – we humbly and gratefully acknowledge all who have gone before us paving the way for the ministry that we know today. Faith Radio has grown and expanded to broadcast in nine markets, over 15 AM and FM signals, as well as streaming life and on-demand programming through our website and mobile app – thanks to God and you!

Please join us this month and be a part of the story of Faith Radio. Your prayers and generous support keep us going and growing.

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