When we consider great ministry opportunities, our minds might head to the pulpits of our churches or maybe the life changing adventures of a mission trip. But – as author Stacey Thureen reminds us – for moms, there’s no greater ministry opportunity than your kids!

“This is the beginning of a huge calling on a woman’s life. And that calling entails so much, and part of that is an opportunity to live out your faith in front of the individuals in your life that are the closest to you. They’re going to have a huge impact on your life, and you’re going to get to have a huge impact on their life.”

“This is a season, but it’s also the beginning of a huge calling. Your ministry to these people that are just right there in front of you is the most important one you’ll ever have.”

It’s a powerful way to look at the job description of “mom”, and Stacey says it’s absolutely true.

“Because they get to see everything. The good. The bad. The ugly of you. Right? And they get to see, how do you act when you make a mistake? What do you do? How do you repair that? Because we’re all imperfect.”

“When we have those moments where we don’t know what to do? How do we live our faith out in front of these little eyes that are always watching.”

Stacey Thureen is a writer and teacher. Her debut solo work is just out, called Daily Wisdom for the Mommy-to-Be: Everyday Encouragement during Your Pregnancy.

On the Road with Stacey Thureen

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