“Come and sit by me.  Have a cup of coffee.  Let’s talk.”

Over the years, Beth Wheeler had said those words many times, inviting her husband to stop for just a bit, to slow down.

“Regrettably,” Dan said, “Most days I thought I was too busy to sit and have a cup of coffee with my wife.”

Dan Wheeler had it all- a great family, money, and a very successful career as a host on QVC.   He traveled the world with his work.  He and Beth owned their dream home on a sprawling property.  He felt driven to succeed and in his mind, he always needed to be doing something “productive.”   Beth, on the other hand, seemed to innately know what was most important in life.  She loved fiercely, both her family and her friends.

Nothing seemed to slow down Dan’s drive to succeed, until the day they received a phone call confirming Beth had cancer.  After surgery, they learned it had spread.

“You know after we received the diagnosis of stage 4 cancer, our priorities were instantly turned upside down, but ultimately right side up.  And having coffee with my wife became priority number one.”

In his book, “Hurricane of Love: My Journey with Beth Wheeler,” Dan shared how radically God changed his priorities.  While struggling to continue his work on QVC, he spent every possible minute with Beth.  He learned to make the most of every moment.

“When we were told she had to start chemo, we decided to make the best of it.  In the building where she had chemo treatments, there was a bakery with chocolate croissants, just like we used to have when we were dating.  I’d get the croissants and once we were in the chemo suite we would sit and eat them.  And we discovered that if you are with the one you love, chocolate croissants can taste pretty good even in a chemo suite.  That was a special time and I would give anything to have that back.”

Throughout Beth’s journey with cancer, Dan learned so much.  He learned that God was with him even in the darkest moments.  And watching his wife, he learned about love.

“Beth’s love swept through the doctors’ offices, hospitals and chemo suites.  She had such an incredible impact on everyone she met, even while battling stage IV cancer.”

Watching Beth changed Dan’s life and his priorities.  He felt God calling him to reach out to others with His love.  He retired from QVC and began pouring himself into a ministry called Fearless Faith.

Hear Dan and Beth’s incredible story in Chapter 25 of Epic.

Find out more about Dan at HurricaneOfLove.com, or look for Fearless Faith on Facebook.

Hurricane of Love - Dan Wheeler

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