Actress Andrea Logan White is best recognized from her starring roles in feature films that include Mom’s Night Out, and Do you Believe? From the outside she lived the seemingly perfect Hollywood life. However, not everything is was it seems, and maintaining that perfect facade nearly took her life.

Andrea has come to realize that the Hollywood life was not all that it was made out to be. She was working multiple jobs to pay the rent and found herself exhausted and discouraged. Having not grown up knowing much about God, she found herself at a crossroads, and cried out to Him.

“I call it my stoplight moment. I was at a stoplight and I cried out for God to help me. I had lost my will to go on and I cried out, ‘God – I don’t know why I am here!’ And the guy in the car next to me held up a hand-written sign with the call numbers of a radio station. For whatever reason, I tuned in to the station and the pastor on the air was teaching about turning to God when we don’t know what to turn. That day began a new journey of my walk with the Lord.”

While Andrea’s problems didn’t simply disappear, she did have a new understanding of how even though she wasn’t perfect, she was loved by a perfect God.

“I think we all go through trials and the storm ends, but then something else comes and we wonder if we can possibly go on. We grow in Christ, but there is always more growth to do.  In the pits of darkness and sin, God delivered me from an eating disorder that almost took my life, but the journey continues. On a daily basis, life might be really uncomfortable, but God always hears our cries and even if He doesn’t instantly bring healing, it doesn’t mean that healing will never come.”

Sometimes we look at other people and think that they have a perfect life. But we can find comfort in the fact that only Jesus is perfect. The rest of us are moving towards perfection, but only by the grace of God.

“I’ve learned about setting the mind and the emotions, because if the mind is not set on Him, it’s really difficult to heal anything else. We will not be perfect until the day that we enter Heaven, but God looks at us the same way He looks at Jesus. He loves us unconditionally.”

Andrea Logan White is a wife, mother, actress, producer, writer and speaker. She and her husband, David A.R. White, are co-owners of PureFlix Entertainment and she continues to produce, act, write and speak regularly, spreading her message of grace and embracing flaws and imperfections to women around the world. She is the author of .

Perfectly Unfinished with Andrea Logan White