Have you noticed, when it comes to faith, it can be discouraging or even intimidating to find answers to your questions?

According to a study by the BBC, about 98 percent of British people had left the Church due to receiving no answers to their compelling questions. It is reasonable to have questions regarding the legitimacy of the Bible, eternity, purpose, suffering and similar matters. Believers and nonbelievers alike want intellectually satisfying responses to their uncertainties.

During the debut of The Jeremiah Johnston Show, Dr. Jeremiah Johnston welcomed callers, as well as questions via Askjjj.com.

“I’m delighted to be partnering with Faith Radio and Neil Stavem.”

Faith Radio began in 1949, and evangelist Billy Graham was the first person on air. Neil explains,

“Over time, that heart about what the Bible says and proclaiming that has been at the center of our mission.”

Through his ministry, Christian Thinkers Society, Jeremiah has received around 10,000 questions. He has dedicated his life and writing to engaging seekers and believers alike, and helping them find resolutions as much as possible to their concerns, so that they don’t find themselves in spiritual paralysis.

In this first broadcast, Jeremiah fielded questions from around the nation, and touched on hearing God’s voice, the problem of evil, psychics and horoscopes, the validity of the Bible, suicide, the historicity of Jesus Christ, Christian scholarship and the timeline of the Old Testament.

In answering each question, Jeremiah exhorted seekers to bathe their minds in the Word of God, the Bible, to continue sharpening their discernment. He also encouraged them to use critical thinking when studying the Bible and other texts. Referencing Jesus’ command in Luke 10:27 to love God with all of one’s heart, soul, mind and strength, Jeremiah shares this encouragement:

“I don’t have to check my brain at the door,”

Jeremiah encouraged future listeners to not be embarrassed to bring their inquiries, and to be open to the queries of others. He said, “When people know you’re listening, they will ask questions.”

Submit your questions for The Jeremiah Johnston Show today by calling or texting the studio line at 877-933-2484 or at Askjjj.com.

Dr. Jeremiah Johnston starts the conversation

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