God has called all believers to shine on the stage He has picked out just for them. Allison Allen calls this your God-stage and it can be anything you do to shine the light of Christ to those around you. However,  Allison says it’s important to understand that not all God-stages are the same, and not all God-stages include being in the limelight.

“In this day and age, we’re looking for the largeness of the audience. However, I feel like God is calling us to places of impact that are less obvious. We need to open our minds to what God might have in store for us. Maybe your God-stage is standing up and bravely spitting out an addiction that’s held you in bondage for more years than you care to count. Maybe your God-stage is teaching the youth in your church.”

Allison says that one of things that often trips us up is when we covet someone else’s God-stage.

“We live in a day and age where we look at the stages and platforms of others and we covetously long for them. I believe that the Lord is whispering to our hearts, ‘if you would just lean in and listen to my voice, I’ll lead you to a God-stage that is beyond your wildest dreams.’”

So how do we actually identify a God-stage? One of the most effective steps we can take is to ask God to show us the place of the holy rub in our lives.

“I define the ‘holy rub’ as the place where our natural gifting’s rub up against a place of need or lack, and those two things in turn rub up against the empowering grace of Jesus.”

Allison reminds us that a God-stage does not guarantee fame and fortune. If we surrender ourselves to God and trust Him, He will help us discover our God-stage.

Allison Allen is a graduate of the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University and appeared in 650 performances of the Broadway production of Grease. A former Women of Faith dramatist and current Bible teacher, she speaks to women at conferences and retreats around the country, exploring themes of purpose, value, and identity in original and unexpected ways. She lives with her family in Tennessee.

Key Scripture: Isaiah 60:1

Featured Songs: Unfinished – Mandisa; Open Up the Clouds – Unspoken; Show ‘Em What You’re Worth – Mandisa

Allison Allen on stepping into the role you were made for

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