Episode #188 — She’d made it all the way to the finals of the hit singing competition American Idol at 16. Then she was named Miss Mississippi, and went on to became a finalist for Miss America.

To say things were going well for young Jasmine Murray doesn’t seem like a strong enough description! But then the Hollywood record deal she thought was her next step fell through.

“I think it was a little bit disappointing. Because you feel like, you know, this is what I’m supposed to do. So I was a little bit disappointed, but – at the same time – I know God is always faithful.”

Even when things didn’t turn out the way she had anticipated, she had faith that wasn’t the end of the story.

Even when one door shuts, that’s not saying this isn’t going to happen. That’s Him saying this is not what I have for you right now, but I want you to trust Me in that. And I want you to realize I have something for you. So don’t be discouraged, and don’t think that this isn’t going to happen. Just trust Me, and realize I have a better plan for you. It’s going to be way better than you could ever imagine!”

Putting that faith to the test in her own life, Jasmine says God showed Himself so very faithful.

“I look at where God has brought me from, and I think back to that moment when I was a little bit disappointed that that was not the deal for me. I mean, I’m grateful!”

“Because I couldn’t think of a better place to be at right now. We think we know how we want our lives to go sometimes, that we know how things should go. God is saying, no! I want you to consult Me. I want you to know what I have in store for you. I know what you want seems really awesome, and looks really good. But trust Me. Trust me that I know what you really need. It’s going to be way better than what you could ever imagine!”

Jasmine Murray has been well described as a vocal powerhouse. The recording artists’ latest album is just out – called “Fearless”. She’s a former finalist on the hit singing competition American Idol as well as a finalist for Miss America.

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On the Road with Jasmine Murray

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