Do you ever feel alone or that you have your back against the wall with nowhere to turn? Susie Larson reminds us that when everything else seems lost, God has our back.

“Whatever you’re going through today remember these two things: One, you have access to God’s presence.”

“Two, you have his promises that are backed up by the honor of his name, you have access to the inner court room of the most-high God.”

Even on our worst day, we can boldly and confidently come before the throne of God because of what Jesus did on the cross for us.

“Imagine that He’s glad to see you. Imagine His smile going all the way up to His eyes because you humbly and boldly dared to come before Him with the concerns of your heart. You have access to His presence and you have the power of His promises.”

It is with this humility and boldness that we are to enter into the presence of the Lord. However, when you pray do you often feel like God isn’t answering?

“When we pray, most answers don’t come all in one fell swoop. Sometimes they do, but most answers come in little bits at a time. Learn to celebrate the small victories, notice that little sprout that springs up from the ground, the little shift in behavior or attitude of the loved one you’re praying for and celebrate the small victories. It takes a long time for the suddenly moment to happen.”

The ‘suddenly moments’ of our lives only seem sudden because we didn’t realize the small changes that were taking place behind the scenes.

“Pray, walk in faith, look for the evidences of God’s answers, and trust that he will finish what he started.”

Susie shares a challenge and assignment for all of us.

“I want you to write a declaration, a prayer of faith. Today, the declaration I want you to write is one of deliverance, write a declaration that your God will be faithful to you, that His promises are true for you.”

When we proclaim God’s promises over our lives, it has the power to change our hearts and minds from the inside out.

Susie Larson is the host of Live the Promise and author of over 10 books and many articles including  .

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