Kaylee Keller is not just another great voice. The youthful recording artist from Kansas has gained wide acclaim for her newest EP and her recent live performance on FoxNews. But behind the catchy tunes are some pretty special realities. For one thing, Kaylee’s songs are designed to inspire and lift her listeners up. For another, she refuses to compromise her faith for opportunities that might advance her career.

“The entertainment industry tells you, you can be anything you want to be. Do anything you want to do. Everybody’s accepted. No matter what. But I notice that when I come in with my Christian faith, or just my morals – such as I’m not going to take my clothes off to sell records, I’m not going to write sexual innuendos or about drinking – it’s funny how much controversy that brings!”

Kaylee was approached with an opportunity to model swimwear of various types, and was told taking that step would be the very thing to rocket her music career to stardom. But she said no.

“I was like, I’m not comfortable with that. They would not have it! They told me this is just going to make your career. They are a very big, well known company with a lot of whole lot of industry connections. So I’m honored that they wanted to talk with me, but they were just so pushy.”

She digs into her thinking a bit deeper.

“I feel like our body is a temple. I feel like bikini and those types of modeling shots are just designed to make people lust over you. I don’t want to be seen in that perspective. God doesn’t want me to be seen in that perspective. You don’t have to do that to make it. A lot of women in music buy into the advice that the more degrading things will make their career. They degrade themselves to make it, but then they’re left with the affects of the degrade.”

“No company, no big time label is in charge of my career. God is. So I’m just trusting him, and  I’m going to stand by that. Stand up for myself, and stand up for what I believe in. At the time, I didn’t see how the outcome was going to look, but now – as my music is getting out there and I’m not having to wear those clothes to get my music out there – it’s great to to see that!”

Kaylee Keller is a recording artist, songwriter & worship leader from Garden City, Kansas. Her songs – like her newest EP, Rubies – offer a hope-filled take on the world around her. You might recognize her from her recent live performance of the single “Nowhere America” on Fox News.

On the Road with Kaylee Keller

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