When you enjoy the music of Ellie Holcomb, you can’t help noticing she doesn’t shy away from what’s real. The recording artist doesn’t seem to fear writing from places of doubt or grief and making the journey with her listeners to a place of healing and understanding.

It’s a beautiful thing, but it can’t always be easy. She shares where her heart comes from to be vulnerable and honest in her music.

“As I learned to come as I was to the foot of the cross, what I found as I just showed up was that I didn’t have to pretend, or fake anymore. The love I encountered from God and the power of what Jesus did on the cross for me became exponentially larger.”

“And so it’s from this place of me seeing total acceptance, and total love, and total forgiveness in my most broken places that I have the courage to go be broken in front of other people. I don’t have to have it – and we don’t have to have it – all together!”

Ellie explains how she came to view the toughest times of her life differently through this refreshing lens.

“I know Jesus is real – not in spite of the places where I’ve struggled or failed – or the places, times, and seasons in my life that have been full of suffering and loss. I really know God is real more so because of my shortcomings. Because of the things I have walked through – the suffering I’ve walked through. Because I’ve encountered the love & the presence of God in my most broken places, and in the places in my life where I have suffered and lost the most.”

“He has been right there. He is a Man of Sorrows, well acquainted with grief. And He’s been to the grave and to the gates of hell and back, and walked out of there. So because there is an empty grave, I think it gives me the courage to be able to enter into those spots and say, ‘Jesus has been here before, and this suffering isn’t the end of the story.’

Ellie Holcomb is the beloved recording artist behind songs like “Find You Here” & “The Broken Beautiful” This week she’s releasing her new children’s book, Who Sang the First Song? The companion musical collection Sing: Creation Songs is available now.

On the Road with Ellie Holcomb

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