Episode #195 — It’s been an unforgettable year for Case Keenum. The NFL quarterback led the Minnesota Vikings within one game of the Super Bowl in what’s come to be remembered as “The Minneapolis Miracle”. Now he’s preparing to start a new season leading the Denver Broncos. But skill on the football field doesn’t define Case.

Case is just out with a new book called Playing for More: Trust Beyond What You Can See. So what is the “more” he’s talking about?

“For me, it’s playing for the audience of One – playing for the glory of my Savior. That’s what I consider every time I step on the field. No matter what happens, I want to give Him all that I’ve got.

No matter how long Case wears a different jersey, Vikings fans will likely remember him with a smile on their faces because of “The Minneapolis Miracle”. In the divisional playoffs in January against the Saints, New Orleans was up one with 25 seconds to go and the Vikings were 60 long yards away from the end zone. Case took the snap and fired to Stefon Diggs.

If you were inside my head at that point, you wouldn’t have heard a lot of intelligent thoughts. After the play, after Diggs got the ball, turned, and went on to score – at first, I didn’t know what had happened! It happened so fast. We were really, really surprised!”

“I just screamed and yelled, and started looking for somebody in purple running around. I had told the guys in the huddle, ‘I’m going to give somebody a chance.’ And Diggs, I’m glad he didn’t run out of bounds!”

One of the most compelling parts of the book is the stories Case includes of the people who didn’t believe he would make it to the N.F.L. He shares why he wanted to tell those stories, and how he found the determination not to believe them.

“I try very hard not to listen to the people that don’t believe in me, but to listen to the people that do. I think proving those people right – the people that do believe in you – that’s the important thing. That’s the important group of people. Not to say that proving the others wrong isn’t fun! But – man – I think it’s so important to focus on positive things. Focus on the people that care about you, and believe in you, and – really – the people that actually matter.”

“That’s what I’ve done over my career, and God has taken care of the rest.”

Case Keenum is a veteran NFL quarterback & the author of the fascinating & authentic biography, Playing for More: Trust Beyond What You Can See.

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On the Road with Case Keenum

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