How did God wire you to handle money?

Pastor Tommy Brown says that God has wired each of us to handle money differently. He’s identified seven different money types and linked each to a character from Scripture.

One of the money types he identifies is based on the life of Isaac.

“Isaac is more of a maximizer. The basic belief is that money should be maximized. This type is disciplined towards destiny. Isaac sees the opportunities in the future and is going to go after them with money. He is going to use his money toward a goal in the future.”

Another characteristic of the Isaac type is the potential to recover and restore.

“We see this in Isaac’s life. He’s basically a mirror of Abraham. Abraham dug these wells, the Philistines stopped them up and then Isaac comes right behind years later and he recovers, restores, and re-digs the wells and gives them the names that his father Abraham had given them.”

For the Isaac type, whatever you put under there care, they are going to maximize it.

“They see value in places no one else sees value. This type tends to make the most of their money. If you give them 10 dollars, they’ll try to turn it into 20 dollars. They’re going to want to try to get the best deal on everything, or they’ll feel like they’ve lost. The Isaac type can show restraint, they aren’t emotionally driven when it comes to purchases.”

Tommy says that every money type has a dark side. For the Isaac type, the dark side is fear.

“One of the reason we see the Isaac typing saving for the future so much and wanting to maximize is because they are afraid they won’t have enough when they need it in the future. Isaac was the first one in the Bible who God told, Do not be afraid.”

Tommy Brown is a pastor, speaker, financial development strategist, and author of The Seven Money Types. He and his wife Elizabeth live in Winston-Salem, NC along with their children Seri and Seth.

Key Scripture: Genesis 1:26-28

Featured Songs: Do Everything – Steven Curtis Chapman; Everything is Mine in You – Christy Nockles; Deeper – Meredith Andrews

The Seven Money Types

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