We often believe the lie that worry will decrease the chances of the worst case scenario coming to fruition. However, Pastor Peter Haas shares some statistics about worry that might cause us to think differently about the effectiveness of worrying.

“Research shows that only 8% of the things we worry about actually come to pass. Of the 8% of worries that come to pass, research shows that only 4% of those things are things we could control anyway.”

In the end, that worry simply doesn’t make sense.

“It doesn’t actually help us at all. This is why the psalmist can say that the righteous man will have no fear of bad news because his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. In the end, he will look in triumph at his foes.”

It’s not that bad things won’t happen in our lives, but we don’t have to fear the bad things that do happen.

“The righteous man will have no fear of bad news because he knows how it’s going to end. No matter what happens to us, in the end, we will look at our past in triumph. Of the 4% of worries that are beyond our control, even those that do happen, when I look back on those moments, they are the most profound moments of my life.”

Even when the worst-case scenario happens, Peter says that God has enabled him to look back at those trials and see His hand at work on the other side.

“They are simply great stories to encourage people that pain is temporary. No matter who you are out there, I just want to encourage you that pain is temporary. If we could just take that eternal perspective and allow the Holy Spirit to give us that council, it’s going to change how we see things. I just want to encourage everybody to hold on. What is going on in your life right now, what you’re worrying about is temporary and God is going to show himself strong.”

Peter Haas is the founding pastors of Substance Church in Minneapolis. Peter serves on the lead team of the Association of Related Churches. His books include  and . He and his wife Carolyn have three children.

Key Scripture: 1 Kings 5:3-5

Featured Songs: Unfinished – Mandisa; Impossible – Building 429; Trust in You – Lauren Daigle

Waiting without worry