How do you equip yourself to face the day when you’re helping others struggling with addiction? Vaushawn Johnson shares his insights,

“You’ve got to be devoted and you’ve got to spend time with the Lord.  For me, what’s sustained me in my sobriety, was gaining a relationship with Jesus Christ. So, in jail when I committed my life to the Lord, I would get up at 4:45am like clockwork and that was my time with God, and I have continued to do that.”

“I try to stay consistent, nurturing my relationship with Christ and being empowered by Him so I’m able to lead and give these men direction, and pour out His love upon them.”

With the Word of God as Vaushawn’s foundation, he shares some of his triggers that would lure him back into his addiction and why healthy boundaries are so vital to recovery.

“Some of my triggers today would be: old friends – you know, bad company corrupts good character – and being in bars. I have to create healthy boundaries, and even sometimes you’ve got to create healthy boundaries with the people that you love because there’s a lot of people that I love that are still stuck in addiction.”

Vaushawn’s story highlights the life-change Christ brings. George highlights some of the ways one knows that that life-change has truly taken effect.

“The people who are successful Christians spend time with Jesus, and what I mean by successful is they’re happy, they’re joyous, they’re free, they have the abundant life, and they’re serving. Just the happiness, that’s the thing that got me when I got sober. Bill, you’re usually pretty happy, you enjoy life. Vaushawn, for you, you’re really happy about what you’re doing and what God’s done in your life.  I want to be around those people.”

True change through God's Word

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