“It’s the money you don’t spend that ultimately gives you the freedom to live the life you love.” –

Do you long for financial freedom this year? Mary Hunt says that making more money won’t lead us to financial freedom, it starts by changing our mindset altogether.

“We have to come to the point to realize that what we’ve been doing is not working. For me, I had to finally surrender and say, ‘I can’t live this way anymore,’ and to realize that I am God’s child; He’s given me a mind, He has promised to meet our needs.”

God is ultimately in control of our resources and He has called us to be good stewards. Mary points out that many Americans have an opportunity to grow in this area.

“What we’re being told is that some 75% of American homes, by their own admission, are now living from one paycheck to the next. What that means to me is that they’re spending every bit of one paycheck, and then just white knuckling it until they get the next one.”

“God’s word is very clear on this, ‘If He can’t trust us a little, He will never be able to trust us with more’ (Luke 16:10). Those whom He can trust He wants to trust and give them more to be better stewards and to manage it well.”

In learning how to be a good steward, Mary made herself a promise that she would take a portion of whatever God gave her and set it aside for savings.

“For me it starts with an attitude; a promise that I made to myself. I’m talking about every single person, whether it’s a teenager, a stay at home mom, a single parent, there is some money over which you have control.”

Mary shares a few practical ways to save a portion of our income.

“It might be the grocery money, the entire paycheck, or a trust fund, I’m not certain what that might be for each person, but if you will take the mindset that whatever comes into my life, I’m going to put aside part of it; I’m not going to touch it before anything else in my life, I’m going to save some.”

“Even if you only start with one dollar. Next week, maybe make it two dollars. Maybe if your paycheck is for $1200 this week or whatever it is, be determined. Before you even think about spending any of it, just take some and set it away. That is going to be a life-changing new attitude and activity in your life and it’s like a catalyst.”

By changing our money-mindset, we will be able to experience financial freedom and begin living the life we love.

Mary Hunt is the award-winning and bestselling author of more than 23 books, as well as a sought-after motivational speaker who helps men and women battle debt. She is founder and publisher of Debt-Proof Living, a highly regarded and popular consumer organization consisting of an interactive website, monthly newsletter and personal finance tools.

Steps to financial freedom

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