What started as a boyhood fascination has blossomed into a celebrated career. But there’s one question that the man now known as an astronomy rock star still gets. Dr. David Bradstreet is often asked how a man so renowned for his scientific mind and work can still be a Christian. The question became one of the biggest reasons why he wanted to share the wonders of the heavens, and how he sees the hand of God at work in them every day, in a remarkable book.

“God is truth. Science is really looking for truth.”

“Something that’s true in the Bible should also be true in God’s creation – what we call the book of nature.  And so if you understand scripture properly, and if you understand nature properly – those things cannot conflict.”

Having so clearly explained his case, Dr. Bradstreet turns back to the pages of history. He is a professor after all!

“History has taught us that some of the best scientists, when science really started getting going in the the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, were devout Christians. God was critically important in their lives. What they believed was that they were worshiping God by studying His creation.”

“And so what I’m trying to do is to get people to not be afraid of science. And I’m trying to get scientists to not be afraid of the Bible. And then trying to get these groups together and start talking to each other, not yelling at each other.

Perhaps it makes sense that the wonder that fills us when we look at a brilliant night sky is the starting point for a deepening encounter with its creator. Now, thanks to Dr. Bradstreet, that encounter has a road map.

Dr. David Bradstreet is a celebrated astronomer & professor at Eastern University. He’s written Star Struck: Seeing the Creator in the Wonders of Our CosmosHe’s the first guest in program history to have an asteroid named in his honor!

On the Road with Dr. David Bradstreet

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