How important is stepping out in faith and asking important, spiritual questions to those who might not know Christ?

Dennis was working towards a fresh start after a life of drugs and prison. It was an important question from his future brother-in-law that sparked a true fresh start.

“So, I get out of prison, and I’m trying to be a better person, but I still got a lot of issues. Then I meet Patty, she’s now my wife, but we start dating, and I just get out of prison, her family’s Christian, and when they made Christmas cards I wasn’t at the top of the list.”

“One night, we’re out with Patty’s family and I’m way down at the end and Patty’s brother-in-law is sitting across from me, his name is Matt. He looks over at me and he goes, ‘Dennis, where you are spiritually?’ And I’ve hardly spoken to him, like I say, I wasn’t the favorite of the family.”

Matt’s boldness to step out in faith was a catalyst for real life change for Dennis.

“I always think that there’s that one decision that changes your life, and my decision here to be honest changed my life.  I looked at Matt and I said, ‘You know, Matt, I’ve been living in hell all my life. I hope when I die it’s better than this.’ He started asking me questions and he asked me if he could give me a book.”

“I read the book (he gave me) and at the back it had a prayer of salvation, and I went right to my knees and I gave my life to Christ that night. Now, life is different, and I love it.”

Stepping out in faith, being bold, and asking about someone’s spiritual condition can seem like a risk, but as George puts it:

“It’s a lot bigger risk to not do what God wants you to do.”

The risk of stepping out in faith

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