“Since I have begun to live under grace, my spiritual life has taken off like a rocket.”

We have to make a distinction between living under grace and living without repentance. Sandra McCollom shares how, for years, she felt she needed to strive to earn God’s favor. She had a wake-up call a few years ago and shares what she’s learned.

“I guarantee you that any person who is truly living under God’s grace will be repenting on a regular basis. It just becomes part of your lifestyle because you fall so deeply in love with Jesus for understanding and dwelling on everything He’s done for you. You’re constantly seeing God’s goodness, and as a result you’re constantly making adjustments, changing your mind, and choosing to go a different direction.” – An excerpt from Sandra’s book, .

We can say “I’m not in condemnation; I’m an heir of God,” while still receiving God’s discipline in our lives. We can view ourselves as redeemed people because that’s exactly how Jesus sees us.

Calling ourselves a wretch doesn’t bring pleasure to God’s heart, and it doesn’t bring true change.

“But when we receive His grace, and just continue to focus on His goodness and His grace even when we do sin, that is where change comes from.”

When we live with a spirit of burden and condemnation, we’re refusing God’s gift of peace and joy for us. Sandra likens it to looking the Son of God in the eye and saying,

 “Jesus, what You did for me on the cross, Your finished work… it wasn’t enough. So I need to add in my guilt and condemnation to make it enough.”

Our guilt and condemnation are so frail and fragile compared to just focusing on Him and thanking Him for everything He’s done.

“That’s what causes us to fall in love with Jesus, causes us to be more obedient, causes us to be more spiritually mature and all of the things that we’re wanting.”

Meditate on what He’s done for you and call to mind the old praise hymn,

“Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus, O for grace to trust Him more.”

Key Scriptures: Romans 8:1

Featured Songs: Flawless by MercyMe; If I Have You by Vertical Church Band; Simplicity by Rend Collective

Striving versus resting

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