According to a recent Pew Research estimate, there are about 3.3 million Muslims living in the United States. This provides a great opportunity for the body of Christ to reach out to our Muslim neighbors, friends and co-workers. Samya Johnson says we can’t forget to point people towards the heart of the gospel message and savior of the world.

“Present the gospel message, but present Jesus more than anything. Eventually, He is the one who is going to continue the journey with them and provide for their needs.”

The spirit of fear often prevents us from reaching out to our Muslim neighbors and sharing the love of Christ with them. People may say, ‘I’m afraid because I don’t know which Muslim is going to be peaceful, and which Muslim is going to be radicalized.’

Samya reminds us that as Christians, we were not given a spirit of fear, but ‘a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind.’ (2 Timothy 1:7)

“In the Middle East, when we lived there, ‘afraid’ is not a word we used. We said, ‘there is a price for following Christ and sometimes this price is high.’ As Christians, are we willing to pay a price? To be offended? To feel rejected? To feel that someone hates us, or doesn’t like us?”

“We should not have the spirit of fear, because Satan always wants this spirit to overwhelm us so that we don’t have the courage to go out and reach others.”

Even if we come to find that the person in front of us is a devout, extreme Muslim who hates America, it doesn’t mean that they are beyond the reach of Christ. She expands on this truth,

“I have many stories and testimonies of Muslims who came to this country to hurt others, and then because Christians loved on them and showed them the love of Christ, they melted in front of this love, and they surrendered their lives to Jesus.”

Samya points out that we are in a war against the spirit of darkness, not against human flesh and blood.

“It’s not against Muslims, it’s the darkness behind the religion of Islam. We conquer when we present God’s love and when we love on them. I’m not saying that if we see that someone is a threat to the community we don’t report them; we have to be responsible. At same time, we should not be fearful.”

“Most Muslims here would be very polite and listen to you if you would talk to them in a polite way, in a respectful way, about your faith and the Lord will give you a spirit of discernment; who is ready to listen and who is not. It’s not our responsibility to convert people, it’s our responsibility to plant the seeds, to present Jesus, to ask the questions, and allow the Holy Spirit to work.”  

Samya Johnson has ministered among Muslims since 1988. She is the host and executive producer of “Dare to Love” television program, which presents truths about Islam, and equips Christ-followers with practical tools to reach their Muslim neighbors. She has a daily one-minute radio program aired on many Christian radio stations in America.

Ministering to Muslims

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