Living amazed means being willing to answer the call of God no matter how ill-equipped you might feel. Pastor James Robison shares a story of one time he answered the call of God when he was working at a chemical company with men who were much older than he was.

“I’m working with these men and all I hear is filth coming from their mouths.”

Three days prior, God had place a call to preach on James, but surely he wasn’t prepared to answer the call already.

“I’m this shy kid, three days after God calls me to preach, I’m listening to this language and all of the sudden I jump up on the a flatbed truck.”

Within ear shot were around 100 to 200 men taking their lunch break.

“I shouted, listen, listen to me. They all looked up and stared at this kid, in his t-shirt and Levis. I said, I’m just a teenager, I’m just a boy, trying to learn how to be a man and all you men are teaching me is how to think dirty, talk dirty, act dirty, and live dirty. Men, I wouldn’t talk about a dog the way you talk about your wives.

Suddenly, tears broke out in the eyes of James as she spoke. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a little New Testament.

“And I said, But Jesus loves you and died for you. He’ll change your life. You call me helper for work, if you want me to help you, just yell helper and I’ll come to you and I’ll help you to know Jesus.

Not one person made a catcall or smart remark towards James as he got down from the bed of the truck.

“It looked like every man in that lot had been hit by a stun gun. For the next two or three weeks, I didn’t do one thing that I was hired to do. All I did was answer the call helper and of course that was my job to answer that call. They were yelling helper from catwalks and steel grates all over that chemical plant. I would climb up there to see a man trembling, tears in his eyes saying, please help me, I’m a terrible husband and father. All I did for the next three weeks was lead those men to Christ.”

James Robison is the founder and president of LIFE Outreach International and host of the daily television program LIFE Today. He has spoken to more than twenty million people in his hundreds of citywide evangelistic outreaches and has personally inspired religious, political, and social leaders across five decades.

Key Scripture: Habakkuk 1:5

Featured Songs: Glorious – Passion; Everything is Mine in You – Christy Nockles; Amazed – Lincoln Brewster

Living Amazed

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