So often we have the choice to believe what God says about us or believe what the world says about us. Susie Larson shares a story that illustrates how God is calling us to keep our eyes on Him.

“This man was taking his son on a fishing trip. They’re traveling in the upper Midwest, somewhere in Minnesota. The little boy had to go the bathroom and the woods would not suffice. He’s like, I need a real bathroom, Dad.”

“So this dad was in the middle of nowhere and he had to take his little boy into this dive of a bar, a place he absolutely does not want to take his little sweet boy, but his boy insisted that he needed a real bathroom. So he walks into the smoky bar, he gets into this bathroom, and it’s horrendous. The doors are off the stalls and the walls are littered with the yuckiest things you could imagine.”

The little boy sits down and his dad kneels on the floor right in front of him, he cups the boys face in his hands and says, you just keep looking at me son, you just keep looking at me.

“Even though that’s kind of a hard picture to imagine, it’s a great story because you know what, people can build a case against any one of us. What’s written on the wall about you? Often times there are things written on the wall about us. Sometimes they are true, sometimes they are partially true, and other times they are a bold-faced lies.”

However, it really doesn’t matter what others have to say about us.

“It just doesn’t matter because if we keep our face in God’s hands and we remember what He says about us, it’ll keep us from looking to the left or the right.”

“I’ve gone back to that again and again when I’m just tempted to look to the left or right for whatever reason, but when I keep my face in God’s hands and say What do you say about me? What do you say is true about this situation? This might feel true, but what is truer still, Lord? 

Susie Larson is the host of Live the Promise and author of over 12 books and many articles including  .

Featured Songs: Words I Would Say – Sidewalk Prophets; Bless the Broken Road – Selah; I Hope You Dance – Point of Grace

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