Depending on where you look Christianity is either thriving or declining. Fox News Correspondent Lauren Green says that in many places, including Africa and Asia, Christianity is flourishing.

“The Africans are growing in Christianity because it has answered so any of their questions about divinity and the spirits. They were already a part of the spirit world so they understood. Christianity filled all the gaps. They realized it’s what they’ve always been looking for.”

“One of the things about Christianity is it’s probably the most inclusive and exclusive religion there is. Christianity doesn’t demand you stop being an African or an Asian in order to become Christian. It doesn’t require that. Christianity will fit over your culture.”

Unlike other religions that only change the exterior, Christianity transforms the hidden places of the heart.

“This is a faith that will actually transform you. It will take all of your negatives and turn them around so that everything uncomfortable becomes untrue. This is what I was meant for, I don’t have to strive for this worldly success because God has already said I’m going to use your talents in another way.”

Lauren cites Pew Research findings that state by the year 2050 Islam will surpass Christianity.Many assume this implies that many more people are turning to Islam than to Christianity. However, this isn’t’ actually the case.

“What most of the stories fail to say up front is it’s because of the birth rate of Muslims as opposed to Western Christians, they aren’t having children as much.”

“More people are actually turning to Christianity, especially in places like China. They are being converted by the thousands, which is even more amazing because they had the one child rule for so long which means that people are being converted.”

While a cultural Christianity maybe passed down, a saving knowledge and relationship with Christ is a personal decision, not one passed down by generations. The Holy Spirit will continue to move in individual lives until Christ returns.

Lauren Green currently serves as Fox News Channel’s chief religion correspondent based in the New York bureau.

Key Scripture: Psalm 119:105

Featured Songs: One True God – Steven Curtis Chapman; Glorious – Passion

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