Plagued by an incurable neurological condition called trichotillomania, a condition characterized by an urge to pull out hair from the scalp, eyelashes, and eyebrows, Ann Swindell has prayed to God for years for healing.

“From an earthly perspective, it doesn’t seem like healing is very feasible. There isn’t some hard and fast cure, but I still have hope that I will be healed, because I know that God is able to do anything.”

Despite the hope that she has, Ann still struggles with anger towards God.

“I kept praying for healing, and I knew He could, but He didn’t heal me. I thought, God, what would it cost you to heal me, it wouldn’t cost you anything.”

At the peak of her frustration, Ann says she had a mentor who spoke truth into her life and helped shape her view of waiting on God.

“She said, ‘Ann, is your hope in what God can do for you, or is your hope in God?‘ That’s a big difference, and I realized I had been placing my hope in the healing. That if I could get what I wanted, then I would be satisfied. What God has done in me over these past 20 years has been such a kindness to me. I can honestly say now that my hope is in the Lord, it’s in His character.”

Ann has hope because she knows that one day she will be healed, whether it’s on earth, or in heaven.

“One day, those of us in Christ will finally be made whole. We can hope in that because that’s His promise to us. I don’t demand healing anymore. I hope in who God is and I hope in the coming Kingdom.”

Ann Swindell is an author, speaker, and teacher of writing who is passionate about seeing people set free by the love of Christ. She writes about the intersection of everyday life and God’s love on her website,

Key Scripture: John 10:10

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Hoping in God while we wait