Recent tragedies across the country, including those in Sutherland Springs, Manhattan, and Las Vegas, have left individuals and entire communities in shock, confusion, and utter despair. Pastor Dimas Salaberrios reflects on our role as Christians as it relates to responding to these tragic events.

“Sometimes we sit back and we wait for all these groups to go in. Statistics have shown that the majority of those that volunteer to do that are Christians. Christians were always the first responders; to the black plague, to fires, to every devastating thing that’s happened. But for some reason we have sort of passed that over to what we call ‘the experts’, when church is still today the expert.”

Pastor Dimas wants to remind the church that as tragedy strikes, we need to respond in an appropriate and timely manner.

“No one knows how to minister. From the Genesis of being born into this world to the time people depart at the cemetery, no organization in the world does that better than the body of Christ. We are a major part of the answer and we have a big role to play in this endeavor of serving the needs of the brokenness of our cities, suburbs, and locations around the world. I want you to have hope, get engaged, get involved, and God will tell you what to do.”

A part of Pastor Dimas’ personal calling in ministry is to travel to very fragile communities where a tragedy has recently taken place. This allows him to be an open vessel and see God’s power at work on a first-hand basis.

“Sometimes I go in total faith saying, God; I have no idea what’s going to happen when I get there. I’m telling you, over and over again, Jesus shows up and says, ‘You know what, son, get a generator; do this, go forward like that, pray with these people over here, etc.,’ and every single time the Lord shows up powerfully. I totally believe He’ll do it with you. He’s looking for open hearts and open hands.”

As tragedy continues to devastate our local communities and places around the world, we can’t wait around for someone else to respond. As Christians, we have the hope of Christ living within us and we are called to share it with others.

Dimas Salaberrios is pastor of Infinity Bible Church in the South Bronx of New York City. An international speaker, Dimas is president of Concerts of Prayer Greater New York and holds a master of divinity degree from Alliance Theological Seminary. He is the author of 

Hope in the wake of tragedy

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