Statistics are sobering for drug and alcohol use, suicide rates, and general hopelessness on Native American reservations across the country. But in the midst of the despair, a group of committed First Nation Christ-followers powerfully share the gospel on reservations through the ministry of On Eagles’ Wings.

Co-founder and evangelist Ron Hutchcraft gives us an update on the lives that are being transformed by hearing the gospel message for the very first time.

“Each night, one of the team members will actually present the gospel and tell people how to begin a relationship with Jesus. Many times, in the personal conversations taking place, that’s where the commitments to Christ will come. Because the stories are so similar, these native young people have a lot to teach us.”

“They are choosing to tell their story because their story gives them the chance to tell about His story, His being Jesus, and how He has miraculously transformed their ashes to beauty. So many of them will say, ‘I finally got my father when I met Jesus. For the first time in my life, I have felt safe as a sexual abuse victim in the arms of Jesus Christ who loved me enough to die for me.'”

Right now in reservations across the United States, outreach is getting ready to take place. Ron says we can help to take a stand against the enemy’s schemes by providing a prayer covering over this important ministry.

“In 2 Corinthians 4 it says ‘The god of this world, being the devil, has blinded the eyes of unbelievers and they will not see gospel of the glory of Christ.’ Satan uses different things to blind people, but I believe that there are lies that have been believed by our precious Native Americans about Jesus. It’s very, very difficult to break through the stronghold of those lies. It can only be done by a powerful, supernatural force that is unleashed through the prayers of God’s people.”

“God is recruiting us to stand next to these young warriors and go to that reservation with them by bonding with them in prayer. This is a holy partnership between the prayer warrior and the frontlines warrior.”

Ron shares specific ways that we can pray and be a part of this powerful movement of God.

“If you would mobilize your praying people, yourself and your family, to pray for a courageous group of young warriors who are going where their message is not necessarily going to be welcomed, but will be heard because they are the messengers. For God to break through and start a lasting work among a new generation who could it be the first Jesus generation in the history of this country.”

There is hope for our Native American brothers and sisters in Christ. Will you join with us in prayer today?  

Ron Hutchcraft is committed to communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost in their language and to motivating and equipping believers to communicate Christ to the lost in their world. Each summer, Ron and his team shares the gospel on reservations across the United States through On Eagles’ Wings ministry.

You can get involved and offer hope of the gospel to Native American troubled youth by visiting Hope for Native America’s Website.

Hope for Native Americans

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