Have you ever wanted to move from making money to making a difference? Dean Niewolny, CEO of Halftime Institute, knows what it’s like to wonder if there’s more to life than driving fast cars and owning several homes. He’s gone on his own search for significance – and now that he’s on the other side, he wants to help others find their way as well. Dean shares how we can all find our God-ordained sweet spot and make a difference with our lives.

One way we can find our sweet spot is by paying attention to what we’re doing when we lose track of time.

“We have sports fishermen who take disabled kids fishing. We have folks that love flying and they work with Angel Flight. That exercise really helps people think about what makes them joyful, what do they just love to do and how can they take what they love and couple it with what they’re passionate about and go and serve in that area.”

For Dean, he loses track of time helping people understand what their call is in life.

“I think about all the folks out there knowing and just being crystal clear about their assignment from God and they know exactly what they’re going to do with the rest of their life.”

Inevitably, there will be obstacles in the way of getting in your sweet spot. However, careful thought, preparation, and guidance from the Holy Spirit can help overcome any obstacle.

“You really have to think through the different problems that are presented to you. What are the obstacles that are facing you that you need to resolve before you can go and follow through on your area of passion?”

Another step in finding your sweet spot is inviting feedback regarding your plans.

“Feedback is so critical. You can’t do it alone. You can’t know yourself, by yourself. A lot of us don’t really take the time to get to know ourselves. What’s important is that you really need to identify a coach that can guide you.”

To learn about more ways you can determine your sweet spot, visit halftimeinstitute.org.

Dean Niewolny is the Chief Executive Officer of the Halftime Institute. He speaks at events around the world, encouraging business leaders to channel their first half achievement into a second half defined by joy, impact, and balance. Having grown up playing sports—eventually in college and semi-professional baseball—Dean still enjoys coaching his son and attending his games. He, his wife Lisa, and their two children live in Southlake, Texas.

Key Scripture: Proverbs 3:5-6

Featured Songs: Mighty Cross – Elevation Worship; Catch the Wind – Bethel Music; Press On – Building 429

Moving from making money to making a difference

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