What would happen if we engaged our faith and bent our ear toward what God was calling us to do?

Caleb Anderson says that two of the best ways we can engage our faith is to expect the impossible from God and make the most of the waiting season.

“You start to wonder, how is God going to one up himself next because He just keeps coming through. Every challenge becomes an opportunity, and it’s not just a poster or a bumper sticker because you’ve seen Him do it so many times you just keep looking for the next the way that He might surprise you again.”

Another way we can engage our faith is making the most of the waiting season; because it isn’t fruitless unless we make it so. Caleb points to the Biblical character Nehemiah as a shining example of making the most of opportunities.

“Nehemiah didn’t just eat food and drink wine for the King of Persia. He soaked up everything he could learn. He did not have pedigree, he did not have experience, he was not a master builder, he was not an expert in construction, and yet God used him to lead an unbelievable, intense, and game changing project. He was prepared for that because he learned while he waited.”

We all know what it’s like to be in a waiting season, and like Nehemiah, we all have the same opportunity to make the most of it.

“Wherever we find ourselves we can learn something from anyone and we can learn something in any circumstance and to make the most of the days and the opportunities that we have right now even if we don’t like it, there’s something in it that can prepare us for what’s next.”

Caleb Anderson is the leader pastor at Mariners Church in Huntington Beach, one of the fastest growing churches in Southern California, and is the popular author of numerous books including . Caleb has an unwavering passion to help people grow, change, and reach their God-given potential.

Key Scripture: Nehemiah 6:3

Featured Songs: Impossible Things – Chris Tomlin (w/Danny Gokey); Trust in You – Lauren Daigle; Move (Keep Walking) – Toby Mac

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