Are you feeling stressed?

This week on Live the Promise, several of our guests identified aspects of life that can cause stress if left unchecked.


Stress accumulates when we allow our life circumstances to rule us instead of the other way around. Jay Coughlan, author of , shares five bold choices we can make in order to learn how to rise above our circumstances and redefine our lives.

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An overindulgence of technology in our homes and in our lives can leave us feeling stressed. Andy Crouch, author of   , says that technology is designed to be on all the time, but we as humans, were not designed this way. He says that the presence of technology can disrupt our ability to find the rhythm of work and rest that we need to live a productive life free of stress.

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Striving for satisfaction

Another thing that can cause us to feel stressed is attempting to find true, lasting satisfaction apart from God. Asheritah Ciuciu, author of , shared the struggle of her dysfunctional relationship with food. Asheritah says that her addiction to food caused her to feel anxious, stressed, and alone. However, when she was able to turn from food to Jesus to find her satisfaction, that particular stress was lifted from her life.

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For married couples; one of the biggest points of stress can be a lack of marital connection. Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley say that two ways to increase intimacy in marriage is to affirm one another and reminisce about the good times. In marriage, we often fall into the trap of fixating on our spouse’s flaws instead of praising their strengths. We can also focus on the bad times we’ve had instead of on the good times. Banishing these negative tendencies from marriage can work wonders in relieving stress.

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