Why is so hard to change bad habits? Robia Scott says that behavior modification is often difficult because we focus on the what when we should be focusing on the why.

“We’re always dealing with the what, we’re trying to change our eating, we’re trying to break our addictions. But what the Lord was showing me was that it’s really the why behind the what that was important.”

Robia struggled with food in her early years. She soon found out that focusing on her eating habits couldn’t change what was going on in her heart.

“This obsession I was dealing with, I couldn’t really change it by changing the what. I wouldn’t get lasting change by just trying to change my eating habits. It was really recognizing the why that was driving me to overeat, what’s driving me to eat emotionally?”

Robia says that God helped her understand the why behind the what.

“Any time I felt disappointed, or any time I felt hurt, or rejected, I didn’t know how to process those feelings, I didn’t know what to do with them, there was so much pressure that I just wanted to alleviate that any way I could. For me, I would alleviate it with eating and that became a vicious cycle.”

Everyone’s bait is unique to their story, but Satan knows how to bait our hook, and trick us into indulging in our particular struggle.

“Because of the wounds in my heart, he knows how to set the stage in a way, to push on those bruises and to affect my wounds.”

“The enemy knows how to trigger us and we need to have the same understanding about ourselves as much as our enemy knows about us.”

If we ask God to reveal the why behind our counterfeit comforts, He will respond.

“This is when the Holy Spirit would take me on a deep journey within myself.”

Robia Scott is a popular speaker gifted in teaching practical and applicable biblical tools that change lives. Her heart and passion is to see all believers loosed from anything and everything that hinders them from knowing the fullness of who God is and the greatness of who they are in Him.

Key Scripture: John 10:10

Featured Songs: Edge of Heaven – River Valley; Rescue Has Come – Lincoln Brewster; Find Me at the Feet of Jesus – Christy Nockles

Counterfeit comforts

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