When the circumstances of our lives are less than ideal it is easy to become blinded by tunnel vision. Laurie Polich Short encourages each of us to take the big picture approach to life in the midst of challenging circumstances.

“The big view is essentially when you pull back and see the bigger perspective of your life. You are part of a bigger story. Think about a mom who spends endless days at home with a child. She feels like so much of her life is wrapped up in what she is doing for her child. Maybe she’s wondering if her life really matters.”

For that mom, she might feel like her life lacks purpose, until she takes a step back and looks at the big picture.

“When you think about what’s happening there and think about what is going to happen in that child’s life, the people that child will touch, and even the children that child will have. The things that are going on in those moments are way bigger than we think.”

When we get bogged down in our current circumstances we feel like things will never change.

“It’s called middle-of-the-story theology. Think about Nelson Mandela or Joseph from the Bible. At any given moment they could have looked at their circumstances and just felt like their whole life was going to be in a jail cell. In fact, Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in his jail cell. However, that jail cell was really just a preparation for what was going to happen in the rest of his life.”

Laurie says it helps if we look at our current circumstances as the middle, not the end of our story.

“I might be in the middle of a story right now. Maybe what’s happening to me is preparing me for something that is going to happen. That makes us live our circumstances the best we can because we recognize that we’re getting something in the midst of it, even if it’s a painful season. Something is happening that you are going to need. In the meantime, you are influencing the people around you during that time.”

Laurie Polich Short is a speaker, an author, and associate pastor of Oceanhills Covenant Church in Santa Barbara, California. She is the author of   as well as thirteen books for youth and youth workers.

Key Scripture: Matthew 6:22

Featured Songs: Broken Things – Mathew West; Rise – Danny Gokey; Whole Heart – Brandon Heath

The power of reframing your perspective with Laurie Short

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