We may appear to have it all together on the outside, but most of the time we are hiding our brokenness on the inside.

God wants to reveal His glory and purpose in our brokenness. After losing most of her tongue to cancer, Michele Cushatt has found the strength to both write and speak about how embracing her brokenness has set her free in Christ.

“Almost every time I do a speaking event, I have at least one person, if not a half dozen or more people, come up to me that want to offer me cures to fixing myself. We have set a desperate need to fix everything that’s broken, and yet I have found that pain, suffering and discomfort has actually become one of the greatest gifts in my life.”

When Michele’s brokenness was revealed, it freed her from the trap of perfectionism and helped her find her true identity.

“First of all, I can’t hide my brokenness anymore. We all become very skilled at times at minimizing the parts of us that we don’t want people to see. We are very adept at picking and choosing what we want our world to know about us, we’re good at hiding it. Now, unfortunately, I can’t hide it anymore.”

“In some ways, it’s a very exposing thing, and in other ways, it’s extremely freeing. What I have discovered on this identity journey, is that part of knowing who we really are is embracing both the good and the bad of ourselves.”

Michele explains what it means to embrace the good and bad parts of ourselves.

“Embracing the fact that we are saved, we are rescued, we are found by God, we are loved by God. But also embracing the fact that we’re sinful, we’re broken, we’re proud, we’re weak… all of those different aspects about who we are. When we can own all of that, in the light of God’s grace and redemption, that’s when we are finally truly free to be ourselves.”

“In a strange way, I now carry on the outside of me what we all carry on the inside. That’s just our broken, fallible, mortal, flesh that needs to be redeemed by an eternal God.”

Like Michele, we all have brokenness within us. God calls us to use that brokenness to draw closer to Him.

Michele Cushatt is a successful speaker and author who shares about the complicated intersections of real faith and real life, speaking at women’s conferences, Compassion International, Focus on the Family, and Hearts at Home.

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