God does not encounter levels of difficulty when it comes to reaching the lost.

As part of the remarkable ministry of Epiphany Fellowship Church in Camden, New Jersey, Pastor Doug Logan has seen drug dealers and gang members come to Christ. While we might expect that these would be some of the toughest folks to reach with the gospel, Pastor Doug has seen that God is more than up to the challenge!

“The case I would make is that it’s not because I have a silver bullet for urban ministry – you know, a Yoda ability! I’m a Padawan of Jesus myself!”

“I’m simply saying that there’s no hard day for Jesus! Jesus doesn’t take creatine to reach drug dealers and then just drink mineral water to reach executives. That’s not what He does. His power is eternal, everlasting, almighty. He is the God who saves, and His sovereignty supersedes all my strategy!”

Understanding where the real power comes from in a conversion can transform the way we go about sharing our faith.

“The Gospel is as powerful on the hardened person that’s on the streets of Camden as it is for the hardened person on the streets of Wall Street. The missionary takes the message of His gospel, and the message of the gospel is a transforming, beautiful message when heard and received. Transformation takes place from darkness to light! That’s a powerful gospel!”

“We have a powerful Gospel. Not a situational, strategic gospel. It’s His work.  It’s His power; it’s great. I’m just the deliverer of a message, and a lover of hurting people and broken people. Because I too am hurting, broken, and in need of love. So a drug dealer responds to his need of a Savior, because he needs a Savior!”

Doug Logan leads the groundbreaking congregation of Epiphany Fellowship Church in Camden, New Jersey. His debut book is 

On the Road with Doug Logan

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