Highlight: The wonder of salvation

Have we, as Christians, become complacent to the wonder of our salvation? Paul Borthwick believes that Christians can lose sight of their wonder.

“In countries where the Christian church is first generation oftentimes the fervency of sharing the gospel is greater. By the second generation it quiets down and by the third generation it becomes culture. In a sense we almost have to get reconverted.”

In order to maintain the fervency for the Gospel into the third generation and beyond, we must be intentional.

“I think we need to spend more time wondering at the marvel of salvation. When the disciples say we cannot stop speaking about what we have seen and heard it’s because everything that Jesus had done was so fresh in their minds.”

“I think sometimes for those of us, myself included, who have been Christians for a while or came from a Christian heritage we can just say ‘Jesus died for my sins’ and then what’s for lunch.”

We have lost the sense of awe about the power of those words and the great sacrifice that they represent. We forget that the only reason we can even enter into God’s presence is because of Jesus. Without Him, we would be lost.

“We don’t even we don’t even say slowly at the end of our prayer ‘in Jesus’ name we pray’ remembering that the only reason we can go into God’s presence is because of Jesus. That’s the name that gives us the authority to enter into the holy of holies.

When we take time to marvel, it heightens our awareness of the gift and increases the chance that we share it with someone else.

“The key is to go back and contemplate what Jesus did for us…Another way to say it is because I’ve been purchased with a price, I want to glorify God with my life.”

Paul Borthwick serves on the staff of Development Associates International, a training group dedicated to the character and ministry development of leaders in the under-resourced world. Paul teaches missions at Gordon College, serves as an Urbana Missions Associate with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship and is the author of  .

Key Scripture: Matthew 9

Featured Songs: He Waits for Me – Urban Rescue; Find You Waiting – December Radio; Chain Breaker – Zach Williams

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