This week, I welcomed executive producer and cartoonist, Butch Hartman, to the microphone. He brings a needed stress reliever to us all. It’s humor!

Now if you don’t have a sense of humor, get one. You are probably taking life too seriously and need to laugh at yourself and others at least once in awhile.

Humor has many benefits:

•  It is a self-care tool that fosters a positive and hopeful attitude.

•  It releases emotions and stimulates the immune system.

•  It decreases the risk of heart attack.

•  It relieves tension and calms people down.

Furthermore, studies at Cornell University found that people exposed to humor in the workplace were not only more creative problem-solvers, but could also better see the consequences of their individual decisions.

Now, I’m not suggesting you laugh off serious matters in your life. I don’t want you denying or avoiding problems. I’m simply saying that maintaining a sense of humor helps during serious times.

So, next time you feel stressed

•  Try to laugh (Even forcing a laugh reduces stress!).

•  Take a different perspective and try humor.

•  Rent a silly movie.

•  Tell a joke.

•  Tickle someone.

•  Play a crazy game.

You get the idea. Laughter may just might make you a healthier you! So thanks Butch Hartman for all the Nickelodeon cartoons you gave us through the years. Laughter is good medicine!

Why we need to laugh

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