“Have you ever woken up on a day and everything you touch turns to dust? And I know if it happens before seven a.m., eight a.m., I am in big trouble — this day is just going to be junk. But that happened to me on a Monday one week when I was under a writing deadline, and I could not afford a day turning to dust. I had a deadline I had to meet.”

Author, blogger, and mother of three Emily Freeman shares what it means to let God into the small moments in our days.

“It wasn’t until the next day when I sat in the presence of the Lord. And I felt like He sort of spoke to me in the quiet place.

He said ‘Are you still my girl?’ Yes.

He said, ‘Were you loved yesterday?’ And my answer was yes.

I forget that my job as His child is to be His child and to be loved by God. Sometimes I feel like it’s not enough. Because it’s not productive! But there are days when I need to remember that. And when I need to remember that He loves me. He’s not holding me up to some immeasurable standard of success or accomplishment. He already held Jesus to the impossible standard. And Jesus met every standard on my behalf.”

This can start a vicious cycle that is bad for the soul. One of the things that can steal our deep sense of peace is the addiction of ambition that inflates our ego. Emily shares the revealing responses she received when she asked this question on Facebook

What are some circumstances and situations that cause you to feel small?

“People started listing out those situations, circumstances that cause them to feel small, and failure is one of them. Showing up and being the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on, or being new. Someone even said being in a group of women made them feel small.”

As the answers came in, they started to shift. People start to ask a clarifying question.

Do you mean the good kind of small or the bad kind of small?

“There are so many things that God made to cause us to feel small in the best kind of way. Standing on the sand at the ocean. And looking out onto the water or looking up at the stars at night. I feel so small but I like it that way. That’s the type of small that has helped me so much. That reminds me – that is how I was meant to feel small in the presence of God. Not in these ways of feeling humiliated or like I’m not measuring up.”

These answers found their way into Emily’s book,  .

Key Scriptures: Zechariah 4:10

Featured Songs: First by Lauren Daigle; Be Still and Know by Christy Nockles; Come However You Are by City Harbor

Highlight : Feeling small in the best way

God in the mundane moments

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