Highlight: What's your happiness style?

Jesus desired for us to be happy, and find that happiness in Him. According to Jennifer Dukes Lee shares the five main determinants, or styles, of happiness.

Doers find happiness in getting things accomplished. They find fulfillment in having a purpose in life.

Relaters find happiness in a sense of belonging. They find fulfillment in personal relationships.

Thinkers find happiness in dreaming, analyzing, pondering. They find fulfillment in learning about life.

Experiencers: find happiness in experiencing the wonder of the world.

Givers find happiness in sharing their happiness with others.

What determinant of happiness are you? There is a test that anyone can take to find out.

Jennifer reflects on how learning and understanding her style of happiness influenced how she shapes her day.

“I’m a doer so that means I really dig my to-do list. Just like an ‘experiencer’ is really pumped up at 5:00pm on a Friday afternoon, I am positively giddy at 8:00am on a Monday morning. I love my list; I love crossing things off of my list. It brings me happiness.”

What does it mean to be a relater?

“The realtor is that person who is planning the block party tonight, but as a doer maybe you’d rather just weed the garden. As an experiencer, maybe you’d rather just walk through the park, and as a giver maybe you’d rather work at the soup kitchen.”

Jennifer likes to remind people that all happiness style are created equal.

“There’s nothing wrong with you if your happy place isn’t a block party, if you’re a thinker maybe you’d actually rather be watching a documentary tonight on T.V. with a bowl of popcorn, and your fluffy puppy at your feet. It’s been very freeing for people to realize that the way they are wired is not weird, it’s wonderful.”

Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of  and the just released , is a storyteller and a grace dweller. She is a popular blogger, an (in)courage writer, and a frequent speaker who can’t get over God’s amazing grace.

Key Scripture: John 16:33

Featured Songs: Freedom Song – Christy Nockels; Deeper – Meredith Andrews; There is Power – Lincoln Brewster

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