We often think that if we avoid the big sin pitfalls we can live a fruitful life. However author Lina Abujamra says that often it is the little things that trip us up more than the big things. What are some specks that ruin our vision for what God has for us?

Speck of distraction

“It’s really the killer E’s that get us, entertainment, electronics, and extras in our life. The things that we don’t need.”

As Christians we should have an urgency that causes us to turn from indulging in those distractions.

“I’m specifically talking to followers of Jesus Christ. We know better, we know our time is limited, we know the urgency of the hour, we know the desperate need in our world, and instead of like being resolved to do something about the need, we’re watching Netflix shows.”

The speck of defeat

“Well, one bad thing happened to us, big deal, you break an engagement, you fail a test, you don’t get into college that you wanted to go, whatever it is, and it’s like that’s it, we call it off, we’re like God I don’t think you ever called me to follow you.”

Some of the greatest heroes of the faith were also massive failures at a different points in their lives. We can’t let the spectre of defeat and fear of failure prevent us from taking a step of faith for the Lord.

“You go down the list of great men or women who look like failures and yet God resurrected their failures into life.”

The speck of delay

“We wait a little, God doesn’t deliver when we want him to and our conclusions about God are so unfair and so wrong.”

There is an important difference between waiting and delay. We can wait on God’s timing, but we must not delay when He calls us to act.

Featured songs: Move by Toby Mac; The Lion and the Lamb by Leeland (on Bethel Music album); Take Another Step by Steven Curtis

Highlight: What trips you up the most?

Living with resolve

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