The millennial generation is hard to reach, especially for churches. Many churches have begun attempting to reach Millennials by catering to what they think Millennials want in a church.

While this can be effective, the Millennial Evangelical, Chris Martin reminds churches what Millennials need from the church; clear Gospel teaching.

“If you don’t have clear Gospel teaching, none of the other stuff really matters because it’s the sun which all of your other ministry planets orbit.”

In order to successfully reach the millennial generation, churches cannot compromise preaching the Gospel effectively and clearly. The Gospel shapes all other functions of the church, and if the Gospel is not understood, the rest of the church will suffer greatly.

“If you’re not clearly preaching the true, Biblical Gospel of Jesus, your social justice is going to be out of whack, your community is not going to be what it should be, and you’re not going to actually value the rich diversity that is valuable for reaching Millennials.”

Many Millennials seem to bristle at the idea of going to church to listen to someone preach. Studies have confirmed that they are much less religious then previous generations, but not necessarily less spiritual.

“There is data to suggest that they have more wonder and amazement about what’s out there in the universe than any generation. Millennials are spiritual, but not religious.

Many Millennials know that something is out there, but they don’t expect to find it in the local church because of its institutionalized, impersonal nature.

“That’s why I think it’s important for a church to feel like a family and to look like a family that cares for each other, that meets together, more than just sitting in a room looking one direction for an hour on Sunday.”

According to Chris, church services can often feel like business lecture sessions which are not attractive to anyone, let alone Millennials. If a church comes together, supports and cares for one another like family, it will greatly encourage participation from the millennial generation.

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