God abides in the hearts of the grieving, and reveals Himself through the love of others. For those walking in grief, there is an incredible gift found in the prayers of others.

Author and TV host James Robison knows what it means to walk through the valley of the shadow of death; he and his wife Betty lost their daughter when she was 40 years old. He shares the power of others prayers in the midst of grief.

“People prayed for me and Betty. You held our broken heart in our arms.”

When others pray for you during your grief it is as if God is wrapping you in His arms and lifting you to His heart. It is because of those prayers and God’s protection that there is hope and healing in the valley.

“We were able to walk through that because people walked with and through us.”

This same Jesus wants to reach out to everyone with a broken heart.

“We have a comforter; we have one who will direct our steps, he will reach out and take you by the hand and walk through the storms. You can hang on to Him because he’s hanging on to you.”

No matter the valley or pit you find yourself in, Jesus can pull you out of it, even if it’s a pit you dug for yourself.

“Jesus is leaning down, inclining his ear to you right now and I believe He is extending His hand.”

“I do not believe He is shaming; I don’t believe he’s calling you a stupid child. I believe he’s looking down and extending his hand and saying, would you just look up? I will lift you up out of a horrible put, I will set your feet on a solid rock, I will establish your ways and I will be your shelter.”

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