Angela Bennett has dedicated the last two decades of her life to saving women and couples from abortion. In her role as CEO of SCV Pregnancy Center, she has a first-hand look at those who are most vulnerable to making that choice.

She wants the world to realize the value of human life, not just once we’re adults, but the value that starts when we’re conceived.

“If we’re valuable today as adult human beings, we were valuable as children, we were valuable as newborns, and we were valuable as pre-borns. We are just as valuable at every moment of that spectrum; from the moment of conception to the moment that we’re speaking with one another…”

She explains that it’s clear to most that it’s never appropriate to take the life of a human being, but what isn’t clear to many people is that upon conception the process of abortion is an act of killing a person.

“Abortion always takes the life of an unborn human being that is valuable, and it’s never appropriate to take the life of an innocent human being, and surely the unborn are innocent. Therefore, abortion is never ever right, and that we all have a moral responsibility and a spiritual responsibility as well to uphold the sanctity and dignity of life.”

We all have the responsibility to come alongside those who are going through the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy and help them.

“They lean in to the cultural, quick answer to make the problem go away through abortion, but we have a responsibility to one another to uphold the dignity of life, to give these men and women dignity as they’re making decisions by helping them, by supporting them, by coming around them and helping to relieve the moment of crisis with education, with material support if necessary, with medical support if necessary, with spiritual support if necessary. In so doing, giving, and upholding that dignity of those individuals.”

By helping them, we help the unborn.

“[The parents], in turn, can uphold the dignity and sanctity of life for their unborn…”

Life matters from the moment of conception, and we must do everything we can to help others understand that the life of an unborn child holds the same kind of value as our lives.

Highlight: The value of life

The value of life

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