Turning our trials into triumphs

Our worst trials in life can turn into our greatest triumphs. Former pro football quarterback Jeff Kemp elaborates on this truth by explaining one the most destructive plays in football known as the blitz.

“The blitz in football is when the defense is going to send a lot more players than normal to attack the quarterback and the offense. They’ll probably send 5, 6, 7 players to attack the quarterback; trying to create a fumble, an interception, a sack, an injury, etc.”

During a football blitz, the defense works to create mayhem and destruction, but Jeff says that within this attack, there is an opportunity for the offense to have great success.

“Some of the biggest touchdown passes come when the offense reads the blitz, adapts, adjusts, people sacrifice and they dive in front of players to block him for the quarterback. The quarterback might get hit in the jaw and fall down after he throws the ball, but the ball is in the end zone with a touchdown. That’s the blitz; both danger and opportunity.”

Similar to this football strategy, there will be times when we are faced with the ‘blitz’ of life; whether it’s the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, or receiving a grim medical prognosis, there is still an opportunity for us to obtain victory.

Jesus faced extremely difficult trials during his lifetime, but He was able to turn them into eternal triumphs.

“Jesus said in this world you’re going to get blitzed. He said in the Bible, ‘you’re going to have trouble, but don’t panic, I’ve overcome the world.’ Jesus went through a blitz to win our salvation.”

Jeff acknowledges that trials are undoubtedly difficult and painful to go through, but reminds us they can also provide us with opportunities to grow and flourish. He brings us to Paul’s teaching in Romans 5:3-5,

The apostle Paul says that trials and tribulations, difficulties and losses, hardship, persecution and suffering, blitz’ if you will, actually are something that we can rejoice in.”

Our trials on earth often bring us closer to our Father in Heaven.

“The opportunity that they bring to persevere towards Jesus; to grow character like Jesus, to have our hopes set in heaven like Jesus, and then to feel more of God’s love when we’re not counting on our circumstances, but we’re counting on our salvation and hope of the glory to come of an eternal life.

“Blitz’ can make us less selfish and more others-centered, more long-term and less short-term, more forgiving and less judgmental.”

Instead of allowing the trials of life to tear us down and consume us, we can see them as opportunities to grow closer to God and receive our eternal victory through Jesus Christ.

Jeff Kemp is a quarterback for the family. He QB’d for 11 NFL seasons, and for two decades since, has worked to strengthen families. A visionary speaker, teamwork trainer and author of the book , he’s more passionate than ever about strengthening marriages and families.

The upside of trials