How often do you read your Bible?

David Wheaton joins host Bill Arnold to discuss how from conversion to sanctification, God’s Word is the key to everything.

“The Bible is the actual words of God. We get the mind of God written down in black ink on white paper; we can actually read his thoughts and plans and learn about his character and nature.”

Perhaps most importantly, the Bible is the means by which God explains the Gospel to us.

“The Bible answers the most important question of life, how can we as sinful people be made right with a Holy God?”

The Bible answers all of these questions and more and its right at our finger tips.

“There’s nothing more important than this book because it communicates God’s nature and God’s will for us.”

Holy Scripture is a gift from God that is taken for granted so often in modern society. Some Christians complain about never hearing from God when they could hear from Him directly if they picked up His Word and read.

“We have God’s Word right on our desk and yet we choose so often to watch what the world offers in prime time, sitcom television at night, it’s worse than nothing compared to having the Word, it’s junk food.”

All Christians should be hungry for heavy doses of the Word of God in their daily lives, but most simply aren’t.

“How do we have that kind of approach where we wake up in the morning and we can’t wait to get into the Word because we know we’re going to be meeting with God and we’re going to be transformed through reading the Word?”

Filling our lives with the Word of God gives the Holy Spirit an opportunity to begin sanctifying us. Many Christians come Faith through the power of the Word and that focus should only grow stronger.

“When we remember how important the word was in converting our souls, it’s a reminder to say ‘Hey, if it did that in converting me, what will it do in my sanctification process now that I’m saved.’”

Highlight: The key to everything? God’s Word

The key to everything? God’s Word

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