Do you want to do big things for God, but don’t know how or where to start?

According to Pastor Rusty George, we can’t do big things for God unless we start by doing small things.

“We hear these stories of these amazing people that do incredible things. The Mother Theresa’s of the world, the Billy Graham’s of the world, I think what we forget is that Mother Teresa wasn’t really known until the latter part of her life and her big steps started with really small ventures of just loving people.”

So often, we get overwhelmed and we believe the lie that we could never do anything big so we do nothing. However, small things often matter more than we could ever imagine.

“Billy Graham wasn’t known initially, but his small steps were putting up the tent, getting things ready, preaching a message. It wasn’t until the L.A. Times publicized him that things began to take off. It really is in the small ventures of helping people and doing something that requires just a little bit of risk to get us out of our comfort zone.”

Trusting God involves taking risks and leaving our comfort zone, something many of us aren’t willing to do.

“I think about the way our normal day works. We get up in the morning and from the moment we get out of bed we are seeking the path of least resistance. If we go to the gym, we want to be as quick as possible and the least amount of difficulty as possible. So with that mentality everything we do is to avoid any kind of discomfort and only move towards comfort.”

When we fall prey to a comfort-first mindset, it makes it hard to trust God and take risks.

“God is much more interested in a character than our comfort. So anything that gets you out of your comfort zone will begin to help put some visualization around what God wants to do whether that is something as small.”

“It begins the process of working out beyond ourselves and then gets us to the point where we can take a bigger leap rather than just a small one.”

Featured Songs: Spirit of the Living God by Meredith Andrews; Moving on Faith by Jadon Lavik; Faithful to the End by Bethel Music

Highlight: The power of starting small

When you, then God

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