God is calling us to repentance. Will you answer the call?

Anne Graham Lotz has a passion for seeing believers gather in corporate prayer, but the power starts with personal revival and repentance.

While reading a book by an old revivalist one day, Anne came across a list of sins. The man urged his readers to read the list over three times to see if God might bring conviction to them. Anne read it through once thinking none applied to her heart. The second time she read through, only a few stood out to her. On the third reading of the list, God opened her eyes.

“The third time I read it, I saw every sin on the list in my life; it was the most painful revelation. God just peeled me back like an onion, layer after layer. Sin that I had no idea was in my life.”

After seven days of repenting and learning, God led Anne to a new place of healing, power, and focus for His kingdom.

“Repentance, I think, is a gift. And we can want to repent, we can want to mend our hearts, but in my experience He had to just put me through the fire. It was painful, scorching pain. But the cleansing that came as a result and the infusion of His Spirit was worth every bit of the pain.”

Anne believe that was a small-scale example of the change God wants to bring around the world.

“What God wanted to do in me, I think He wants to do in the church as a whole. I believe God is wanting us to have a depth in our repentance and our relationship with Him, that then we can be filled with His Spirit, that we can live for Him in this last hour in such a way that we would make a difference in our culture and in our country and even in the world.”

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The church needs to be refocused, purified, and changed. Anne likens the current state of confusion and compromise to an uncertain blow from a trumpet. The trumpet is meant to be a rallying instrument to gather people to its source for a battle. When a trumpet is blown in a halfhearted, non-committal manner, it causes confusion for its hearers.

“Right now people look at the church, and they have no idea what it stands for. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the church once again was known as a place of love and compassion and healing and a place for the Gospel where you could find hope, where you can find reconciliation with God, where you could find peace, where you could find the truth about how to get to heaven? It’s up to you and me.”

Key Scriptures: Daniel 9:23; Romans 1:18-32; James 5:16

Featured Songs: The Lion & The Lamb by Leeland with Bethel Music; Impossible by Meredith Andrews; Faithful to the End by Bethel Music

Highlight : The gift of repentance

The Daniel Prayer

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