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She had just discovered a passion for theater and she wanted to make it a career.

Then, Tasha Schuh suffered a tragic accident on stage that took away her ability to walk. Struggling with her new reality, Tasha was invited to a church play.

“I was invited to this play, and I had no idea what it was. To me, it sounded boring! Oh, a church play! You know, how great can this be?! Now I know that it was a divine appointment. It was just such a significant moment.”

“From the second the play started until it ended, I was amazed. It was like every word was just for me.”

What she saw was changing the way she had always thought about her faith.

“Growing up, when I read stories in the Bible, they were just stories. Even the story of Jesus, to me, it was just that. It was a story. It was a nice story.”

“In this play, it came alive. I saw how Jesus came to this earth, and lived a sinless life. Then He died on the cross. When people prior to this had asked me – ‘Who is Jesus to you?’ – my response would be – ‘He’s the Savior of the world.'”

In this play, and for the first time, I saw that I was a sinner and that I needed a Savior.  He wasn’t just the Savior that He could be my Savior, and it was in this moment where I invited him into my life and as as my Lord and as my Savior.”

Change often takes it’s time. But this life change started right away.

“And immediately, immediately! I had peace that I had been looking for in all these other places – in being popular, and having a boyfriend, and compromising. I made a lot of poor choices before the accident, and was actually on a not so good road. I thought that these things would make me happy. I thought these things would give me peace. And here I am inviting Jesus into my life, and there’s the peace that I’ve been looking for.”

“It was instantaneous! And I could just feel in this church my heart changing – feeling like, almost, God was just doing heart surgery right there. I was just filled with such emotion – knowing that God was real.”

Tasha Schuh is a motivational speaker, the founder of the Pit Crew Campaign & the author of .

On the Road with Tasha Schuh

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