Spiritual warfare is messy, hard, personal and it is very real. But what’s the difference between a spiritual attack and consequences for sin? Leighann McCoy helps us decipher the difference as she has seen it play out in her family.

“Spiritual attacks are those negative things that come when they are not created by a sin pattern.”

Leighann’s daughter has been coming under attack recently, she explains why she knows it is a spiritual attack.

“She’s walking with the lord with all her heart, the best she knows how, being obedient to His Word, following what she believes is his purpose for her life, and one unfortunate incident after another seems to be happening in very short succession in her life.”

For Leighann it as if the hedge of protection from God has been lifted.

“The reason I believe the attacks come from the enemy is because it’s not originating in any sin pattern necessarily in her life.”

Often, we give the Devil credit for things that are simply consequences of sinful behavior.

“Our family is suffering because of somebody’s wrong choices. You don’t suffer just because of your wrong choices; you sometimes suffer because of a family member’s wrong choices.”

What can we do if we experience spiritual attack?

“I encourage families to take time to states your own family values. This is who we are, and what we want to be as a family. Take time to define that and when crisis comes your way, use that as a compass to navigate whether you’re staying true to what is God’s value statement for your family.”

For those who want to know more about preparing their family for spiritual warfare, Leighann provides a free Spiritual Warfare Toolkit to help.

Key Scripture: Haggai 2:9

Featured Songs: I Found My Joy by Free Worship; Spirit of the Living God by Meredith Andrews; Thank you by Bethel Music

Highlight: Spiritual warfare for your family

Protecting your family from spiritual warfare

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