Is it important to teach our kids about politics?

Amy Whitfield, Director of Communications at Southeastern Seminary encourages parents to help their children learn about the world of politics.

Many people might think kids have no interest in politics; however that isn’t always the case.

“I never expected it, I knew they were getting to the age where they could kind of catch what was going on, but the things that they are seeing and the questions they are asking are totally beyond what we anticipated.”

It’s important for parents to remember that sometimes, even political content is not appropriate for kids. Unfortunately, those running for president aren’t always models of integrity. Parents should be prepared to explain to their children that God calls us to a higher standard of living.

“During the debate where some people were really shocked by the things that were said, I had to tell them to leave the room. I had to be honest and tell them that there were some things they were discussing that are just not appropriate.”

When her kids begin to ask questions, Amy likes to give as much historical background as possible to help her children understand the big picture.

“Without getting too deep into it, I’ll talk about where things began in the parties and then these are some presidents who are in these parties.”

It’s always important to be honest with our kids about everything including politics. Even if they don’t understand completely what you are talking about, it lays a good foundation for growth in the future.

“I’m very careful how far I go depending on their age, emotional maturity, and ability to understand everything. We like to talk about what are the positions that in our home we think are the most important.”

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How to talk to your kids about politics

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