Highlight: seeking pro-life new wave feminism

Feminism is sometimes viewed as an negative term by Christians, but a new approach to this ideology is emerging from among the ranks of pro-life women seeking to redefine this catchword for Christians.

Leah Jacobson introduces a new fourth wave of feminism, one that’s soundly rooted in Scripture.

“The fourth wave of feminism is developing based our past, based on the previous three waves of feminism and what they’ve done. This new feminism is really just really beginning; this wave is just taking root.”

John Paul II is credited with initiating this wave of feminism and its emphasis on motherhood.

“It is based on ideology from John Paul II’s the Theology of the Body and also from his letter to women where he calls for a New Feminism.

“He uses the term New Feminism in 1995 and he calls the women of the church to rise up in a way that overcomes male models of domination and that places the value back on motherhood because motherhood is the human condition of being able to recognize and give dignity to the other.

Despite roots in the catholic church, this new wave of feminism is one all denominations can get behind.

Setting aside the negative connotations sometimes associated with feminism by Christians, this new wave, honoring motherhood and the value of life is poised to ignite positive change in the feminist community.

“Our physical bodies as women, and as men too but specifically as women, our physical bodies speak spiritual truth about our purpose, about life, about our happiness, about everything here on earth.

“Everything that we always wonder about that our body is telling us some sort of truth about it.  Giving us a clue.”

As women, our bodies have the God-given ability to give birth and nurture life. This is the focus of the newest wave of feminism, which seeks to honor women as God made us, and our joyfully profound role as givers of new life.

Leah Jacobson, foundress of The Guiding Star Project, is dedicated to creating a Culture of Life through the implementation of Guiding Star Centers nationwide. These centers will promote New Feminism and Natural Law and are the next stage for the pro-women and pro-life movements to collaborate in a holistic, comprehensive approach.

Seeking pro-life new wave feminism