Highlight: We are a distracted people

We live distracted lives. From Netflix, to movies, to sports, to books, many of us live lives of distraction without even knowing it.

“I think our generation has the biggest challenge because of the many forms of multi-media that come our way.”

Andrew Scott encourages us to come to terms with our distracted lifestyle and embrace a different way forward.

“Make sure you do not get distracted by the weeds, bending branches, and the leaking hoses of life.”

Even though we have more things to be distracted by than ever before, living the distracted life is not new.

“All throughout history when we read the Bible, we see that the people of God have been a distracted people. In the Old Testament we know they got distracted from the relationship that God called them to and they constantly followed other gods. They saw foreign women and married them even though God told them not too.”

And when they got too distracted, God would scatter them until they remembered Him.

“He scattered them to foreign places so that they would sit by the rivers of Babylon and weep and remember Zion again and would come back to God into relationship. God scatters distracted people.”

Today, we are distracted and the world tells us to focus on ourselves.

“We have all of these messages that tell us we’re the most important, that our safety is most important. That we need this, we should desire that, we should aspire to this. We should have our own dreams and goals and prepare for the future.”

It’s not bad to have aspirations and desires, but they must not be more important to us than God.

“All of these things are what Jesus refers to in Matthew as add-ons. He said I don’t want you to seek the add-ons, I want you to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Don’t get distracted by the add-ons, they will come, but seek first the kingdom and keep focused on that.”

Andrew Scott is the President and CEO of OM USA, part of a global mission movement working in 118 nations.

Key Scripture: Ephesians 2:10

Featured Songs: Do Something – Matthew West; Cornerstone – Hillsong; You Make Me Brave – Bethel Music


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